Lexus LX Top Highlights


Lexus LX gets unique and premium looks in front with an attractive design.

Lexus LX comes with an Ex-Showrooom price tag of 2.84Cr starting and on the Road price goes upto 3.35Cr. It is available in 1 variant 500D (Diesel) (Base Model).

It gets Diesel Engine of 3346cc 6-Cylinder 3.5 Liter V6 Twin-Turbo engine with a Power of 304.41BHP & Torque of 700Nm.

LX is a 5 Seater premium and comfortable SUV. In it 10-SPeed automatic transmission gearbox is given.

It gets many features like power steering, Power windows, Power boot, 4ZOne Automatic CLimate control, Cruiser control, Anti-Lock braking system, central locking and many more features.

LX has a 12.29-inch Touch screen which supports android Auto, Apple Carplay, Bluetooth connectivity and more. In it, 25 SPeakers AUdio mark Levinson sound system is there.

Its Fuel Tank capacity is around 80L. It gives mileage of 10kmpl. Its fuel type is diesel. LX Top speed is upto 211kmph. 

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