Famous Logos with A Hidden Meaning

1. Hyundai

Many people think that the logo of Hyundai is a simple logo which is the first letter of the Hyundai brand. But the "H" symbol represents a customer and a Representative company shaking

2. Toyota

People think the "Toyota" logo is simple but represents a medal with a thread passing through it. This is a hint of the company's past because first, Toyota would produce the machine for

3. Mercedes 

First, the logo was registered for Daimler company which is the parent company of Mercedes. Before it was a simple 3-line logo the circle was not there around it. In 1916 the circle

4. BMW

The full name if BMW is bayerische Motoren werke. It was founded in 1916. The middle part of the "BMW" logo. The blue and white colour is taken from the Bavarian Flag which is of the Germany

5. Ferrari

The name Ferrari was Kept fram En20 Ferrari sirname. The Ferrari company was started in 1939. On the Ferrari logo, S and F are there in full form S is for Scuderia and F is for Ferrari.

6. Audi

The Audi name came from its founder. The Audi founder's name is August Horch but the Horch's meaning is Audi so it is named Audi. The logo of Audi is 4 rings which represent the 4 companies 

7. Lamborghini 

The Lamborghini company name was kept on its founder's surname, Ferruccio Lamborghini. On the logo, the bull represents high-power and high-speed sports cars. The Ferruccio Lamborghini

8. Ford

The Ford Name was Kept from the surname of the founder who was Henry Ford. It is an American famous Automanufeacturers company. Which Manufactures cars, Trucks, SUVs and Commercial vehicles.

9. Skoda

The Skoda logo, has many hidden meanings are there. The outer ring represents the floors produced by Skoda, the black ring was made when the Skoda completed its 100 Years and in the centre

10. Porsche

Be for the logo was not there in Porsche cars only the company name was written after the same time in 1952 first time the logo was used in Porsche 356 Car. In the logo upside of the horse

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