Best Sports Cars in 2023 

Its Price is 2.16Cr. It has 3456cc 6-Cylinder 3.5L V6 Fourcam engine with 264kW Battery Magnet Motor type, which produces Power of 295BHP & Torque of 350Nm. Its Top speed is 248Kmph.

1. Lexus LC 500h

Its Price starts is 3.21Cr. It has 5204cc 10-C Dual Injection DOHC engine which produces Power 630.28BHP & Torque 565Nm. Its 2-Seat Sports car. Its Top Speed is around 310Kmph.

2. Lamborghini Huracan

Its Price starts 98.13Lakh. It has 5000cc 8-Cylinder P450 Petrol engine which produces Power 443.8BHP & Torque 550Nm. It comes an AT transmission. Its Top Speed is around 285Kmph.

3. Jaguar F-Type

Its Ex-Showroom Price is 4.65Cr. It has a 3994c RWD engine which produces a Power of 711BHP & Torque of 770Nm. Its Top Speed is around 341Kmph. It takes 29Sec to catch 0-100Kmph Speed.

4. McLaren 720S

Its Price is 9Cr. Its 6498cc 12-C MP1 DOHC Petrol engine which produces Power 759BHP & Torque 720Nm. Its Top Speed is around 355Kmph. It takes 2.8Sec to catch 0-100Kmph Speed.

5. Lamborghini Aventador

Its Price is 84.90Lakh. It has 2998cc 6-C Twin Power Turbo Petrol Engine which produces Power 335BHP & Torque 500Nm. Its Top Speed is around 250Kmph. It takes 4.5Sec to catch 0-100Kmph Speed.

6. BMW Z4

Its Price is 5.40Cr. It has 2992cc 6-C Twin Turbocharger engine which producess Power 654BHP & Torque 740Nm. Its Top Speed is around 330Kmph. It takes 2.9Sec to catch 0-100Kmph Speed

7. Ferrari 296 GTB