Best Selling Cars, Trucks and SUVs of 2022

In 2022 more than 6.53Lakh units of are sold. Its price range is around $35,681-85,774. It available in 9 variants. It sell its electric version of 15,617+ units.

1. Ford F-Series 

In 2022 More than 5.13Lakh units  are sold. Its price start is around $36,644. It available in 7 variants. It gets strong & Powerful engine, comfortable handling

2. Chevy Silverado 

In 2022 more than 4.68Lakh units are sold. It price Range is Starts $39,304. It is available in 7 variants. It gets a beautiful interior, comfortable handling & stylish design.

3. Ram PickUp 

In 2022 More than 3.99Lakh units are sold. Its price starts $29,311. It is available in 6 variants. It gets a stylish design, a beautiful interior, a Smooth handle and many more. 

4. Toyota RAV 4 

In 2022 More than 2.95Lakh units were sold. It price range is around $27,314-34,890. It is available in 9 variants. Ins standard safety features, V-6 in the TRD. Its a best Sedan car.

5. Toyota Camry 

In 2022 More than 2.41 Lakh units are sold. It price is start $37,444its available in 8 variants. It comes single, double, or four-door crew cab with beds of 5-8 feets its best thing.

6. GMC Sierra

Its 2022 more Than 2.38Lakh units sold. Its price range is $29,704-40,394 . It is availble in 5 variantsIt gets stylish & new look form in side & Out side. It is a best car.

7. Honda CR-V