Best Electric Sports Car in 2023

Taycan Ex-Showroom price is 1.54 to 2.35 Cr. It has a 93.4 Battery and Permanent magnet synchronous Motor with a Power of 482.76 BHP. It gives Range Upto 452Km.

1. Porsche Taycan 

EV6 Ex-Showroom Price is 60.94 to 65.95 Lakh. It has a 77.4 kW battery & Permanent magnet synchronous motor which produce a Power of 320.55BHP. It gives a Range of up to 708.

2. Kia EV6

E-Tron GT Ex-Showroom Price is around 1.70 Cr It has a 93.4kWh Lithium-ion Battery. It produce Power of 522.99BHP E-Trone GT gives Range upto 500 Km.

3. Audi E-Tron GT 

i4 Ex-Showroom Price is around 69.91 Lakh. It has an 83.9kW battery which produces a power of 335.25BHP. It gives a range of upto 590 Km. 

4. BMW i4

Cooper SE Ex-Showroom Price is around 50.91 Lakh. It has a single Electric Motor type which produce power of 181.03BHP. It gives range upto 270Km.

5. Mini Cooper SE

I-Pace Ex-Showroom Price is 1.20 to 1.25 Cr. It has an EV400 Motor with Power 90kWh which produce a Power of 394.2BHP. It gives a range of up to 470Km.

6. Jaguar I-Pace

Its Ex-Showroom Price is 74.51 Lakh. It has 66.5 kWh Lithium-ion Battery & Synchronous Motor type. It produces a Power of 225.29BHP. It gives a range up to 422Km.

7. Mercedes-Benz EQB