Best Electric Bikes Under 1.5 Lakh

#1. Tork Kratos 

Its Price range is 1.02 Lakh Rupees. it is a stylish and sporty design electric bike. It gives a range of up to 180 km on a full charge.

#2. Oben EV Rorr

It is 1.03 Lakh Rupees. It takes 2 Hr to charge. It gives a range of up to 200 km after a full charge.

#3. One Electric Kridn 

It is 1.29 Lakh Rupees. It comes with a Lithium Battery Type. Kristen Range upto 110Km after a full charge.

#4. Revolt RV 400 

Its Price is around 1.25 Lakh Rupees. It takes 4.5 Hours for 100 km/charge. It gives a range of up to 150 km after a full charge. 

#5. Komaki MX3

Its price is around 95,000 Rupees. It comes with a Lithium-ion Battery Type. MX3 gives range upto 100Km after one full charge.

#6. Hop Electric Oxo 

Its price range is 1.25 to 1.40 Lakh Rupees. It takes 4 Hrs for a full charge. It gives a range up to 150 Kmpl.

#7. Cyborg Bob-e 

Its price is around 95,001 rupees. It takes 5 Hours for a full charge. it gives a range of up to 110 Km after a full charge.

Oben EV Rorr



Tork Kratos

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