Top Things to Know about BMW 2 Series.

BMW 2 Series is a 5 seater comfortable and safety sedan. It gets attractive looks and designe.

In BMW 2 Series 1 Petrol & 1 Diesel engine is offered. Both the engine is a 1998cc 4-Cylinder Twin Trbo charges engine.

It has 7-Speed steptronic AUtomatic tranmission gearbox. It is smooth and ocomfortable to use.

The interior is designed stylish and premium. It gets Blue colour ambient lighting which makes it more attractive and beautiful.

It comes with many features like power steering, Power window, Antibags, AIr conditioner stylish alloy wheels, Corning headlamps and more.

BMW 2 Series has LED headlight LED fog lamps LED DRLs and LED tail lamps with an Attractive design.

In it 10.25inches TOuch screen is given with 10 Speakers Hi-Fi loud speakers system. The touch screen is easy and comfortable to use.

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